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Search Warrant & Wiretap Cases

Search Warrant Lawyer Toronto

Police are increasingly resorting to Search Warrants, Production Orders and Wiretap Orders to collect evidence in many different types of criminal cases. Challenging these warrants and orders requires a strong knowledge of a complex area of the law, good judgment and excellent strategic sense. Mr. Boni has written numerous articles on the subject of Search Warrants and Production Orders including "The ABC's of search warrant review" , “The Practitioner’s Guide to Search Warrant Review” and "Bill C-13: Laying the Foundation for the Modern Canadian Surveillance State" . He has been invited to lecture to police officers, lawyers, and Justices of the Peace on constitutional challenges to Search Warrants and Production Orders. He is one of a very few lawyers who has successfully challenged a Wiretap Order at trial.

In 2012, Mr. Boni was qualified as an expert in the prosecution and defence of wiretap cases, and gave expert testimony on this area in the Federal Court of Canada in a high profile Security Certificate case.

He is regularly retained by individuals charged with criminal offences involving search warrants and wiretaps, and by other lawyers handling such cases, to assist them and/or attend court with them as a special team member. His work in this area has led to innumerable withdrawals and stays of proceedings by the crown even before charges make it to trial, and he has also obtained the remedy of the exclusion of evidence at trial.

If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offence where the police applied for an obtained a Search Warrant, Production Order or Wiretap Order, contact Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. and let him bring his knowledge, skill and experience to your side of the courtroom.

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