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Adam Steven Boni, LL. B. - Criminal Lawyer In Toronto

Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law for 25 years. He is a highly experienced, well-known and respected Toronto Criminal Lawyer who defends his clients with skill, passion and integrity. He has extensive trial experience before judges and juries. He is regularly retained and consulted by other defence lawyers who seek out his assistance with difficult cases. Mr. Boni is also an author, lecturer and public speaker. He loves his work and takes great personal pride in achieving the best possible result in every case that he takes on, especially the tough ones. No case is too big or too small, and every single client matters.

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Understanding your case

I offer private initial consultations so you can regain your peace of mind as quickly as possible. This helps me assess your case.



I consider the charges, the strength of the evidence, and possible defences. With this information, I can provide representation that can end a case before it ever reaches the trial court.


Fight for Justice

Don't let a false accusation or a single mistake devastate you and your family. I am a highly experienced trial lawyer who enjoys obtaining results for his clients through contested trials. I will fight for you.

  • Legal Defence

    Adam Steven Boni offers a high quality legal defence to criminal charges. When your liberty is at stake, you cannot afford an inexperienced lawyer.

  • Criminal Offence

    A fearless advocate, Adam Steven Boni works courageously to achieve the best possible result for his clients in the trial courtroom. Clients can be confident that they will receive a skilled, intelligent defence by a seasoned lawyer who loves conducting trials.

  • Criminal Defence Lawyer

    If you are charged with a criminal offence and looking for an established lawyer who gets results, call Adam Steven Boni Today!

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Why Choose Adam Steven Boni, LL.B.?

His proven ability, wealth of experience, knowledge and reputation ensures that you receive the best representation and strongest defence possible in your case.

Skills Outside the Courtroom

As a former federal prosecutor who represented the crown in hundreds of judge alone and jury trials, and before the Ontario Court of Appeal, Mr. Boni understands how police officers and crown attorneys assess their cases. He knows how to engage and negotiate with them before and after you are charged. He understands that results are often achieved quietly and confidentially outside of the trial courtroom. Mr. Boni has helped individuals and corporations under investigation deal effectively and defensively with investigators. He has also helped many clients by persuading the crown to withdraw or stay their charges. He has developed a broad network of connections in forensic psychiatry, psychology, and addictions treatment to help clients connect with the resources they need to overcome personal issues that may have contributed to their arrest in the first place. Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. provides compassionate and understanding services to his clients that go well beyond achieving great results in the courtroom.

Skills in the Courtroom

Mr. Boni has extensive experience in conducting judge alone trials before the Ontario Court of Justice and jury trials in the Superior Court of Justice. He has a reputation for being a hard-hitting, hard-working trial lawyer who defends his clients - even the unpopular ones - with passion and integrity. His extensive judge and jury trial experience as a federal prosecutor, means that he understands and is able to anticipate and counter every move that the crown attorney will make in the courtroom before they make it. He is not afraid or hesitant to try any case, and he is not intimidated by any prosecutor. Mr. Boni also has significant appellate experience, which assists him in adopting a sound trial strategy for your case, so that the crown is unlikely to successfully appeal a verdict in your favour.

Mature, Professional Representation

Being charged with any criminal offence in a world dominated by social media and 24 hour news channels is an embarrassing, if not devastating personal experience. The last thing most people who are charged want is their lawyer on the evening news spreading the word about their arrest. Mr. Boni understands the need for a mature and highly professional approach to your case. He understands your need for discretion. He has extensive experience in dealing with the news media, and knows when not, when to, and how to deal with the media in an effective and advantageous way for his clients. He has acted for licensed professional persons, and for vulnerable persons in very sensitive, high profile cases. His approach is to get you through the criminal justice process in a discrete way that will help you repair the damage done to your reputation and life down the road.

Case Studies

  • In D.L., Mr. Boni's client was alleged to be a kilogram-level cocaine trafficker. The crown sought a penitentiary sentence upon conviction. After reviewing Adam's legal factum which set out numerous constitutional violations backed up by the officers' cross-examinations by Adam at the preliminary hearing, the crown stayed all charges against the client on the eve of trial.
  • In D.E., Mr. Boni's elderly client was charged with numerous firearms offences after police executed a search warrant on a storage unit that was registered in the client's name, but used by the co-accused. At the conclusion of a multi-day preliminary hearing, during which Adam skilfully cross-examined several police witnesses, the client was discharged on all charges by the presiding Judge.
  • In J.D., Adam’s client, a mature professional, was charged with domestic assault as a result of a report by a bystander. His partner denied the assault to police, but she was disbelieved and he was charged anyway. Working with a private investigator, Mr. Boni was able to demonstrate to the crown how the bystander's report was based on an honest, but mistaken observation. The crown granted an exception to a no contact bail condition, and shortly thereafter withdrew the charge. The client was able to reunite with his partner, and repair the damage done to his reputation.
  • In L.C., Mr. Boni's client was alleged to be one of the ring leaders in a major kilogram level drug trafficking and importing operation. The crown sought a 15 year sentence upon conviction. After a hard fought jury trial Adam was successful in getting L.C. acquitted of all charges.
  • In B.J., Mr. Boni's client was charged with Second Degree Murder and alleged to have been involved in a shooting death of a young man in downtown Toronto. He faced life in prison. After a month long jury trial, B.J. was found not guilty by the Jury. The crown appealed the acquittal of Adam's client to the Ontario Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal dismissed the crown's appeal and upheld the acquittal.
  • In J.C., Adam’s client, a licensed professional, was charged with drug offences, domestic assault, and breaching court orders. Mr. Boni worked quietly and effectively behind the scenes which resulted in the drug charges being withdrawn by the federal crown attorney. The assault charge was brought to trial and stayed by the provincial crown attorney on the morning of trial after being confronted with defence evidence showing how the complainant lied to police.
  • In E.N., Adam’s client, a transportation company and its directors, was investigated by the police as being involved in a massive cocaine importation scheme. Adam worked with the client and police to demonstrate the errors in the police investigation and the company and its directors were never charged.
  • In J.R., Adam’s client was alleged to be one of the ring leaders in a heroin trafficking operation. Adam was contacted by counsel for co-accused and asked to assist on the case. Adam's work against the prosecution in the pre-trial phase, ultimately led to the withdrawal of all charges against his client and the co-accused before a trial was ever set.

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