Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. has demonstrated exceptional results in his more than 25 years of exclusive practice in criminal law. As a highly experienced and respected Toronto Criminal Lawyer, he is known for his skill, passion, and integrity in defending his clients.

Notable CasesClient Testimonials

Notable Cases

R. v. D.L. - Stayed all charges

In D.L., Mr. Boni's client was alleged to be a kilogram-level cocaine trafficker. The crown sought a penitentiary sentence upon conviction. After reviewing Adam's legal factum which set out numerous constitutional violations backed up by the officers' cross-examinations by Adam at the preliminary hearing, the crown stayed all charges against the client on the eve of trial.

R. v. D.J. - Evidence Excluded and Not Guilty of Drugs and Firearms Charges

In D.J., Mr. Boni's client was charged with very serious firearms and cocaine charges. He was facing between 10 and 15 years in prison on conviction. Over the course of a week long Superior Court hearing, Mr. Boni challenged the constitutional validity of the search warrant executed by police in this case., and skillfully cross-examined the police. The Trial Judge found that a key officer gave false and misleading information and rejected his evidence. Mr. Boni had demonstrated that his client's Section 7 and 8 Charter rights had been violated. All evidence seized was excluded from trial. The Client was acquitted of all charges.

R. v. B. E. - Search Warrant Quashed, Drugs Excluded

In B.E., Mr. Boni was hired by another lawyer to take over a failing search warrant challenge mid way through a court hearing. Mr. Boni re-crafted the Charter challenge and skillfully cross-examined several witnesses, resulting in the search warrant being quashed and the exclusion of drugs that had been seized.

R. v. L.C. - Not Guilty of Drug Trafficking and Drug Importing

In L.C., Mr. Boni's client was alleged to be one of the ring leaders in a major kilogram level drug trafficking and importing operation. The crown sought a 15 year sentence upon conviction. After a hard fought jury trial Adam was successful in getting L.C. acquitted of all charges.

R. v. B.J. - Not Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder

In B.J., Mr. Boni's client was charged with Second Degree Murder and alleged to have been involved in a shooting death of a young man in downtown Toronto. He faced life in prison. After a month long jury trial, B.J. was found not guilty by the Jury. The crown appealed the acquittal of Adam's client to the Ontario Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal dismissed the crown's appeal and upheld the acquittal.

R. v. C.A. - First Degree Murder reduced to Manslaughter

In C.A., Mr. Boni's client was charged with First Degree Murder as a result of an incident captured on video. Following a preliminary hearing the charge was reduced to Second Degree Murder. In Superior Court, the charge was further reduced to manslaughter. The Client avoided a life sentence.

R. v. S.D. - Point Firearm, Assault with Weapon, Disguise with Intent reduced to Simple Assault for a Discharge

In S.D., Mr. Boni's client was charged with an extremely serious allegation of pointing a firearm, disguise with intent and assault with a weapon. After a two week contested Superior Court hearing, and the extensive cross-examination of several police officers by Mr. Boni, the case collapsed and the crown gave up and accepted a guilty plea to simple assault for a conditional discharge. All other charges were withdrawn by the crown.

R. v. J.R. - Withdrawal of all charges

In J.R., Adam’s client was alleged to be one of the ring leaders in a heroin trafficking operation. Adam was contacted by counsel for co-accused and asked to assist on the case. Adam's work against the prosecution in the pre-trial phase, ultimately led to the withdrawal of all charges against his client and the co-accused before a trial was ever set.

R. v. B.R. First Degree Murder - NCR Verdict

In B.R., Mr. Boni's client was charged with First Degree Murder. It was an overwhelming case. Working with a forensic psychiatrist and skillfully defending the case, the Client was found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder.

R. v. A.S. - Drug and Firearms Charges Stayed and Costs Ordered Against the Crown

In A.S., Mr. Boni's client was facing a very serious penitentiary term for drug and firearm charges. Following a very hard fought Charter challenge in Superior Court, the Trial Judge stayed all of the charges and awarded the very rare and exceptional remedy of Costs Against the crown.

Client Testimonials

"He was the only one who answered my call right away and provided clear initial thoughts about my case."

"Mr. Boni is a very professional criminal defence lawyer. I have this impression when I first time spoke with him during the initial inquiry. At that time, I was helpless and called many different lawyers on the yellow page. He was the only one who answered my call right away and provided clear initial thoughts about my case. I hired him during our first in person meeting. As time goes by, my case is eventually withdrawn thanks to his effort. This has proven his professionalism and capabilities of handling serious cases. Since he is a criminal lawyer, I wish I would never hire him again. However, I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone who desperately needs advice in criminal matters. His fee is not the cheapest but worth every penny."

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"I recommend Adam Boni and his team wholeheartedly"

"I recommend Adam Boni and his team wholeheartedly. My family member had frivolous charges levelled against her that could have destroyed her career and reputation. At our first meeting with Adam, I knew immediately that he was the right person to defend her; fortunately, she felt the same. Throughout the process, Adam showed himself to be honest, realistic, and empathetic, as well as highly capable and knowledgeable. He was never too busy to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls, both from me and my family member. He supported her every step of the way through her seven-month ordeal. I am grateful for the positive outcome of this case. Adam is an excellent lawyer and an outstanding person."

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2021

"Adam is one of Canada's best criminal lawyers whose belief in me helped turn my life around"

"20 years ago after going through a rough patch I found myself with a full-blown drug problem which led to a possession charge. My life was spiralling out of control. Adam Boni was not only was a compassionate advocate for me but incredibly knowledgeable who worked tirelessly to get me into diversion and a clean record. He succeeded and I took this second chance very seriously. Here I am 20 years later a happy father to two great kids, an entrepreneur, and leader in my community. Adam is one of Canada's best criminal lawyers whose belief in me helped turn my life around."

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"Adam did an incredible job. He kept me in the loop as things moved forward, he discussed options and presented plans, and made sure I understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. He led me to a successful end.  I highly recommend him!" 
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"He is hands down the best lawyer I see fit to provide legal advice from."

"I would highly recommend Adam Boni and his team to anyone in need of help with a legal matter, they worked very hard on my behalf and got me the best possible outcome in my case. Adam and his team were great to work with, From the first communication I had Adam Boni instantly suggested the best course of action and how we should proceed in regards to my case. We set our goal for the case and Adam worked towards it and successfully achieved the end result we had set out to which was have the charges cleaned from My record, He is hands down the best lawyer I see fit to provide legal advice from. I was completely stressed during the whole process but adam assured me things were going well, he also continued to explain throughout the case what was going on so I was always on the same page. Along the way, he still suggested options and was very responsive in communications. I would definitely refer him to anyone looking for a standup, honest lawyer who knows criminal law inside and out."

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"This is the first and only time I have reviewed a Lawyer"

"This is the first and only time I have reviewed a Lawyer. Prompting me to do this is the exemplary service, the genuine empathy and professionalism that Adam Boni has overwhelmingly displayed. As a parent of a psychology challenged son who was criminally charged, Adam's perseverance and dedication has not only caused the removal of the charges but handled a very difficult circumstance with compassion and understanding. Adam Boni, in my estimation, is deserving of the highest commendation."

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2017

"He successfully resolved my case, leaving me with the best possible outcome."

"Adam Boni is an excellent lawyer and helped me through a very difficult time. I met with a couple of other lawyers prior to meeting Mr. Boni, but unlike them I immediately got a good feeling about Mr. Boni and hired him on the spot. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and reliable, as well as passionate and determined about what he does. I'm very thankful I chose Mr. Boni. He successfully resolved my case, leaving me with the best possible outcome, and I'm now able to move on with my life. If you hire him you'll be in very good hands."

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2014

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“My only experience with a criminal lawyer and it was great. A truly caring individual who exuded confidence and authority.”

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"He was awesome!"

"He was awesome! Very prepared very educated. ...very good at his job. Would recommend him to anyone. Very professional!"

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2016

"All my charges were dismissed"

"He did a wonderful job for me. All my charges were dismissed. His experience shows in and out of the courtroom.Thank you Mr. BONI."

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2015

"A truly caring individual"

"My only experience with a criminal lawyer and it was great. A truly caring individual who exuded confidence and authority."

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2018

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"Mr Boni is knowledgeable, experienced lawyer and a courteous gentleman.  He put us at ease the very first time we met him and knew we are in capable hands, He is very prompt in responding to our call & emails.He resolved my son's case with speed and efficiency.I would definitely recommend Mr Boni ."

www.LawyerRatingz.Com Review 2013

"He is exceptional inside and outside of court"

"Adam is professional, effective, prompt, accessible and cares. He is exceptional inside and outside of court. He is well worth the trust and confidence in handling your case. As he is a criminal lawyer, I hope to never have to call upon his services again; but would do so without hesitation."

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"He had all my charges withdrawn before we even reached trial"

"My case was very sensitive and time consuming. I didn't think Adam would want to represent me but he did, and when I was about to give up, he was the one who convinced me to keep fighting. He had all my charges withdrawn before we even reached trial. Money was no object in this case, but Adam didn't extend the case to overcharge. Adam is the best decision I have ever made, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a solid ally during a very vulnerable time. He will not judge; he'll be your stronger half no matter what. His chuckle in court when he proved my plaintiff was lying was all I needed to know I'd found my lawyer-soulmate. Adam Boni is my hero. Retain this lawyer now, before he becomes too famous to afford. Thank you Adam!"

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