Defending Criminal Organization & Conspiracy Charges

Criminal Organization and Conspiracy cases are some of the best-funded and most technically complex criminal cases charged by police investigators. These offences often carry lengthy penitentiary sentences on conviction.

If you or someone you know is facing Criminal Organization & Conspiracy Charges
It's Important that You Speak With A Criminal Lawyer Before You Speak With The Authorities.

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Skills Outside the Courtroom

Former federal prosecutor who understands how prosecutors assess and prepare their cases, and knows how to effectively advocate for you even before a trial is set.

Skills In the Courtroom

Almost three decades of extensive trial experience before Judges and Juries. Proven skill in Charter of Rights litigation and complex cases.

Results That Speak for Themselves

A lengthy track record of achieving excellent results for clients including rare and difficult to achieve remedies such as exclusion of evidence, judicial stays of proceedings, and costs against the crown.

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"Adam Boni is one of the best criminal lawyers in the country. He is highly respected by Judges, Crown Attorneys, his colleagues and especially by people he has represented. If you have a serious matter, then you will want him in your corner."

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Organized Crime & Conspiracy and Gangs Lawyer Toronto

The defence of these offences requires a sharp lawyer in your corner who is capable of understanding voluminous and complex evidence and thinks strategically. Often times, these cases also involve multiple applications by police for electronic surveillance and search warrants. Mr. Boni has extensive experience in the review of Wiretap Orders, Search Warrants and Production Orders which are frequently utilized by the police in these cases. He has also gained a keen insight into GPS and PGP evidence, and understands how to challenge it. He has defended numerous individuals facing criminal organization and conspiracy charges over the last two decades.

If you or your loved one are charged with a Criminal Organization or Conspiracy offence, call Adam Steven Boni, LL.B.

Why Do You Need A Criminal Lawyer?

Listen to what someone can to expect when charged with a criminal offence and the role that a lawyer can play in the process.

When your liberty, livelihood and reputation is at stake, trust an experienced trial lawyer.

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Understanding Your Case

I offer private in person and virtual consultations in a highly confidential setting, so you can regain your peace of mind as quickly as possible. This helps me to develop a proper solicitor-client relationship with you and the ability to effectively and efficiently assess your case.


I consider the charges, the strength of the evidence, and your possible defences in consultation with you and experts we may retain to assist with your defence. With this information, I can provide representation that can end a case before it ever reaches the trial court.

Fight for Justice

Don't let a false accusation or a single mistake devastate you and your family. I am a highly experienced trial lawyer who enjoys obtaining results for his clients through difficult negotiations and contested trials. I will fight for you and endeavour to provide you with the best possible outcome.

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