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Skills Outside the Courtroom

Former federal prosecutor who understands how prosecutors assess and prepare their cases, and knows how to effectively advocate for you even before a trial is set.

Skills In the Courtroom

Almost three decades of extensive trial experience before Judges and Juries. Proven skill in Charter of Rights litigation and complex cases.

Results That Speak for Themselves

A lengthy track record of achieving excellent results for clients including rare and difficult to achieve remedies such as exclusion of evidence, judicial stays of proceedings, and costs against the crown.

Adam Boni Defends Clients Facing Serious Criminal Charges

Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law for more than 25 years. He is a highly experienced, well-known and respected Toronto Criminal Lawyer who defends his clients with skill, passion and integrity. He has extensive trial experience before judges and juries.

He loves his work and takes great personal pride in achieving the best possible result in every case that he takes on, especially the tough ones. No case is too big or too small, and every single client matters.

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Adam is experienced in attaining bail for people facing criminal charges. He understands the urgency and complexity of the bail process, ensuring his clients' rights and liberties are protected.

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Criminal Organization & Conspiracy Charges

Criminal Organization and Conspiracy cases are some of the best-funded and most technically complex criminal cases charged by police investigators. These offences often carry lengthy penitentiary sentences on conviction.

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Domestic Assault Charges

Adam Boni understands the internal policies that dictate crown counsel's handling of these cases, and knows what evidence to marshal and, if necessary, disclose to the crown in order to end these prosecutions even before a trial date is set.

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Drug Crimes Charges

Adam Steven Boni has successfully defended thousands of individuals charged with drug offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Food and Drug Act. A drug conviction can result in jail, ruin your reputation, and interfere with your ability to travel outside of Canada.

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Firearms & Weapons Offences Charges

A firearms conviction will result in jail and have devastating consequences for your or your loved one's life. Adam Steven Boni is a well-known Firearms Offence lawyer in Toronto and he has extensive experience in the defence of individuals charged with these offences

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Illegal Gambling Offences Charges

Mr. Boni has extensive experience in defending cases of this nature, including large and complex variations of these cases which further allege participation in a criminal organization. There are numerous substantive and Charter of Rights defences available to persons charged with these offences.

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Murder & Manslaughter Charges

Mr. Boni is a highly-experienced homicide lawyer in Toronto. Since 2000, he has defended numerous individuals charged with first-degree and second-degree murder. He has fearlessly defended high-profile and tough cases before juries that have earned him the respect of lawyers and judges.

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Professional Discipline Charges

Licensed professionals are held to high standards of conduct in the discharge of their professional duties by licensing bodies and regulators. The standards of professionals are higher than those expected of non-licensed professionals.

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Adam Boni's extensive experience in handling robbery cases has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of the Canadian legal system, enabling him to provide unparalleled guidance and advocacy to those facing such charges.

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Search Warrant & Wiretap Cases

Challenging a Search Warrant or Wiretap is a complex and difficult process. Challenging these warrants and orders requires a strong knowledge of a complex area of the law, good judgment and excellent strategic sense.

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Extensive Experience in Criminal Matters


Knowing how to work with clients and investigators during the investigatory phase, is a critically important skill. Adam Steven Boni has assisted hundreds of clients before charges were ever laid by police. Good legal advice during the investigative stage may result in no charges ever being laid. Where charges are laid, his advice during this phase has helped to protect his clients and lay the foundation of a successful defence.

If the police wish to speak to you or a loved one, contact Mr. Boni first and let him assist you in dealing with the authorities right from the start.


Bail is one of the most important parts of the criminal justice process. The decision to detain or release you will impact your pre-trial liberty and your ability to properly prepare for and defend yourself at trial. A denial of bail will result in a significant disruption to your job, your life and your family's life

If the police do not release an arrestee and recommend to the crown attorney that he or she should be detained in custody pending trial, the accused has a constitutional right to a bail hearing where they are able to argue their case for release. Under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every person has the right to reasonable bail unless there is just cause to hold them in custody. If a Court finds that the accused is a flight risk, or that there is a substantial likelihood that the accused will re-offend if released, or that the accused’s detention is necessary to maintain confidence in the administration of justice, a detention order will be made.

It is crucial that you receive the best possible bail hearing. This requires preparation and skill. Too much is at stake for costly mistakes and errors to be made at this stage.

Adam Steven Boni has obtained the pre-trial release of thousands of clients on bail over the course of his long career. Call him today to see how he can help you or your loved one regain their freedom.


Mr. Boni is a highly skilled criminal trial lawyer in Toronto. He has extensive experience in conducting Jury Trials and Judge Alone Trials. Over the course of his lengthy career, he has successfully defended clients from all walks of life against a vast array of criminal and quasi-criminal charges, including:

  • Drug possession, drug trafficking and drug importing;
  • Criminal Organization offences;
  • Conspiracy;
  • Manslaughter and Murder.
  • Assault and Domestic assault;
  • Dangerous driving causing death;
  • Impaired driving and Refuse to provide a breath sample;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Robbery;
  • Break and Enter and Theft;
  • Firearms and weapons offences;
  • Tax offences;
  • Customs Act violations; and,
  • Environmental Protection offences;

Being forced to undergo a criminal trial is an extremely stressful experience. There can be unexpected developments and surprises, either for or against an accused person. While there is no substitute for solid preparation, creativity and determination by counsel in this process, experience in dealing with the unexpected is also extremely important. Adam Steven Boni has the knowledge, skill and experience that you or your loved one will require to successfully make it through the trial process.

If you are facing the prospect of a criminal trial, do not delay. Start preparing your defence as soon as possible. Contact Adam Steven Boni, LL.B.


Adam Steven Boni has extensive experience in Charter of Rights litigation, especially in the area of search and seizure, search warrants and wiretapping. He is often hired by other lawyers to consult on or assist them with the preparation and conduct of complex Charter of Rights applications. Mr. Boni has lectured and written extensively on search and seizure issues and is a recognized leader in this area. He has also testified as an expert in the prosecution and defence of wiretap cases before the Federal Court of Canada.

If you believe that the police violated your Charter rights, contact Adam Steven Boni right away for a case consultation.


Adam Steven Boni has extensive experience in advising and defending professionals facing disciplinary proceedings and criminal charges, including police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers, dentists and engineers. His legal, analytical and advocacy skills developed over more than 25 years in high intensity criminal courts have served his clients well in the Professional Regulation & Discipline context. Protect your licence and professional reputation. Call Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. for mature, confident and highly professional representation.

If your professional reputation and livelihood is at stake, contact Mr. Boni for a consultation.

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