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Impaired & Dangerous Driving

Impaired Driving

A DUI charge is embarassing and will have an immediate and potential long term impact on your ability to drive and insurance costs. A Dangerous Driving charge can often lead to jail and lengthy license suspensions. These cases often involve Charter of Rights litigation, and a careful scrutiny of police procedures. In February 2018, Mr. Boni appeared before the Senate Legal and Consitutional Affairs Committee and made submissions on the government's new impaired driving legislation Bill C-46. He has lectured Lawyers at CLE Programs on the use of the Charter in defending these cases. Mr. Boni has assisted many individuals fight Impaired and Over 80 charges and helped them retain their driver's licences and dignity. He has obtained the rare remedy of a judicial stay of proceedings in a high profile Dangerous Driving Causing Death case.

Call Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. and let him help you or your loved one who has the misfortune of being charged with these offences.

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