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Drug Case Ruinous
Drug Charge Night Mare
Gun Law Violates Privacy
Courts Poked


A Toronto police drug squad detective "intentionally misled" a court justice to obtain search warrants in a major gun and drug case, an Ontario judge said in a judgment Wednesday, describing "egregious" police misconduct that included deliberately failing to seize critical CCTV footage "for improper motives."

Adam Boni, the lawyer representing Downes, said the case has been gruelling for his client - "he wants to put this behind him," he said.

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The lawyer for a Toronto officer accused by a judge of lying in court repeatedly flung the same allegation at the key witness in the case Monday, part a fiery cross-examination at an ongoing disciplinary hearing.

Adam Boni, the lawyer representing Toronto police Const. Benjamin Elliot, grilled Nguyen Son Tran on his account of a January 2014 traffic stop, the incident that's now at the heart of a high-profile professional misconduct tribunal that began this month.

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Surveillance cameras have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. Whether you’re withdrawing money from an ATM, shopping for clothes, standing on a street corner or riding an elevator, there’s a great chance your every move is being recorded.

But it’s not just Big Brother that’s keeping an eye on you. It’s also your neighbour and the person snarled in the same rush-hour traffic jam. With advancements in technology, it’s now easier and more affordable to arm your own home, or the dashboard of your vehicle, with a recording device.

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Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Richard Wagner insisted today that he did not place himself in a potential conflict of interest by suggesting amendments to the Criminal Code after senior criminal defence lawyers raised the alarm.

"I think it would be irresponsible not to talk about those potential changes, not to see and discuss ways to improve our justice system," Wagner said during his end-of-session news conference in Ottawa.

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Le juge en chef de la Cour suprême, Richard Wagner, est catégorique.

Il ne s’est pas placé en situation de conflit d’intérêts en suggérant, il y a deux semaines, des modifications au Code criminel, insiste-t-il.

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TORONTO — It may be far-fetched to see a Filipino lawyer sitting in Canada’s highest court, but the recent appointment of Justice Steve Coroza to the Appellate Court of Ontario could be the sign of a bright future.

Justice Coroza has the distinction of being the first Filipino Canadian to be appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice in 2009, at age 39, and then to the Superior Court of Justice in 2013.

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Nov 22, 2018 - CBC News: The National - St. Michael's Principal and President Resign Amid Student Sex Assault Scandal

The principal and president of St. Michael's have resigned just days after the Toronto Catholic boys' school became the focus of sexual assault allegations. Officials have been criticized for not promptly reporting the alleged incidents to police. Sexual assault charges have been laid against six boys for one of the incidents, with a total of six incidents now under investigation.

July 27, 2018 - CBC News: The National - Processing Time For Forensic Gun Analysis Has Quadrupled

The processing time for forensic gun analysis has quadrupled in four years, piling more delays onto a justice system coping with an increase in gun-related violence. The RCMP are blaming those longer wait times on staffing challenges driven by a Harper-era cost-cutting decision.

Long waits for RCMP firearms forensics putting prosecutions at risk

The average turnaround time for crucial firearms analyses has exploded at RCMP-run forensic labs in recent years, piling more delays onto an already overburdened justice system coping with an increase in gun-related violence.

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When Toronto police confronted a knife-carrying Sammy Yatim on an empty streetcar early Saturday, bystanders grabbed their cellphones, turned on the video function and hit record.

What they captured – images of police ordering Mr. Yatim to "drop the knife"; Constable James Forcillo appearing to fire his gun at him nine times; and then another officer using a taser on him after he was shot – has riveted the city.

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“Even if my story breaks down the invisible wall of silence for one person then I feel like it wasn’t in vain. Us as black men have to take it upon ourselves to change, we can’t look towards others to do it for us.” — Cleavon Springer, after verdict in Neil Armstrong murder trial

Cleavon Springer admits he has sold guns and drugs, committed robberies, a kidnapping, a home invasion, a drive-by shooting and been involved in two homicides.

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May 27, 2012 - Guest, Closing Arguments, NewsTalk 1010 Radio

October 20, 2010 - Guest, “Graphic Evidence", Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News

New details about Col. Russell Williams' self-admitted secret life are expected to emerge on Monday after the former military commander delivers his expected guilty pleas in the murder of two women.

Williams, who once commanded CFB Trenton, is also set to enter guilty pleas in a pair of sex assaults and dozens of break-ins when he appears before an Ontario judge on Monday.

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November 13, 2009 – Guest, “Inside the Don Jail”, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, CBC Newsworld’s “Connect with Mark Kelley”.


TORONTO - Support for a legal aid boycott in Ontario will only grow if the Ontario government refuses to take swift action on what an increasing number of legal professionals say is an unfair and underfunded system, critics said Friday.

Adam Boni, a Toronto director of the Criminal Lawyers Association, said people both inside and outside the justice system have come to see that defence lawyers aren't getting the money they need to try complicated cases. He said they will keep pressuring the province to increase funding -- whether it claims the money's there or not.

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The number of Ontario trials where prosecutors used police information to vet prospective jurors is substantially higher than the government has disclosed to date, Law Times has learned.

Attorney General Chris Bentley’s department has informed nine defence lawyers in Simcoe County that Crown attorneys used the practice in past trials during which they represented defendants, a survey by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association found.

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