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Illegal Gambling Offences are found in Part VII of the Criminal Code, which is entitled "Disorderly Houses, Gaming and Betting". They are Keeping a Gaming House (s.201), Person found in or owner permitting use of premises as a Gaming House (s.201(2), Betting and Book-Making (s.202), and Placing Bets for Others (s.203). Special Gaming House Search Warrants may be issued under s.199 of the Criminal Code.

Illegal gambling houses are being increasingly targeted by authorities and resulting in individuals being charged as Found-Ins, Keepers, Book Makers and Betters. Boni has extensive experience in the defending cases of this nature, including large and complex variations of these cases which further allege participation in a criminal organization. If you have been charged with an illegal Gambling Offence, contact Adam Steven Boni, LL.B. to learn about your options and to discover your best defence.

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