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Firearms Offences

Fire Arms Offence

Firearms Offence Lawyer In Toronto

A firearms conviction will result in jail and have devastating consequences for your or your loved one's life. Adam Steven Boni is a well-known Firearms Offence lawyer in Toronto and he has extensive experience in the defense of individuals charged with these offences. His knowledge of wiretap, search warrant and Charter of Rights law has been proven to offer a formidable defense to these kinds of charges. In 2005, Mr. Boni successfully challenged the Public Safety Search Warrant section of the Criminal Code of Canada, which led to Parliament revamping the entire regime to bring it in line with our Charter of Rights. He has also obtained the rare remedies of a stay of proceedings and costs against the crown in a very serious drug and firearms case.

If you are charged with a firearms offence, don't hesitate any longer - call Adam Steven Boni, LL.B.

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